Skin On Skin
Skin On Skin
Presented by Stay On Sight, Vita Music Group & Foreign Echo

Skin On Skin

with Special Guests
Max Watt's Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC)
Saturday, 1 May 2021 9:00 pm
99 days away
18 Plus
The enigmatic and elusive Skin On Skin burns all night through a mix of smoked-out techno, 909-soaked classic house and the best of early Memphis rap to deliver dancefloor anthems straight to your brain. After playing sold out stops across Australia, his bone-shaking debut EP dropped in early 2019 via iconic Newcastle label Steel City Dance Discs, home to the likes of Loods and Nite Fleit. Opening track and lead single, ‘Multiply’, with its screaming sirens and unmistakable TR-909 toms exploded online and became an instant hood classic across the UK long before its official release.

After spending last year touring around the world and working on collaborations with Mall Grab, Willaris.K and Loods, Skin On Skin is back armed with a new set of wall-shakers in 2021.