Vanessa Worm
Vanessa Worm
Rising Presents

Vanessa Worm

With Eden Burns and Party Dozen
Max Watt's Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC)
Friday, 4 June 2021 8:00 pm
29 days away
18 Plus
Pre-pandemic, Vanessa Worm was building a reputation as Melbourne’s most fearless stage presence—a party prophet delivering Dadaist sermons to Melbourne’s dancefloors. Her debut album, Vanessa 77, is a mystical cauldron of dub vibrations, drum and bass spirit realms. Her tracks have attracted the attention of international DJs with a devil-may-care attitude to genre, including Gerd Janson and her label bosses Optimo.

For RISING, Vanessa Worm returns from her native New Zealand, with outsider house producer Eden Burns—whose ‘Beans in the Basement’ mix of Vanessa Worm’s ‘Heaven To Hell’, was one of last year’s best remixes (and the soundtrack to our launch video [blue dot to launch video]).

They’re joined by Sydney’s doom-jazz duo Party Dozen who bring catastrophic saxophone and devastating distortion to kickoff this end-of-the-world boogie.

Burn it all down, dance on the embers and start anew.